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Published: 14th November 2011
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Dear Friend,

Are you a fan of wearing a watch?

If not, Iím going to educate you on why it is important to wear one, and itís not only to tell you the time.

You may be in a certain profession where you dress up for work and your suit or outfit fits the requirement of wearing a watch. If you donít need to be dressed up, a watch can still be beneficial.

In this article you will discover three important reasons why you may want to consider owning one.

With all the different family functions, business events, and occasions that take place, the outfit you wear will most likely determine the style of watch you would wear. It is important that your watch matches and coincides with your dress attire. There are several companies that make watches. Some are elegant, some are luxurious, some are casual, some are for rugged use, and some are for every day use.

For example, if you are going to a classy event, and have great taste and demand the best depending on your personal preference, you might choose to invest in a high quality watch. For others, it could be a Movado, or a really nice Seiko or Citizen watch. If owning a high-class quality watch is not your style, perhaps you would consider a Casio or an inexpensive Guess that has a 10-year warranty.

The three important reasons of wearing a watch aside from being able to read the time is: Professionalism, Time Management, and Personality Fit. There are various reasons why a person would wear a watch, but the three previously expressed is what youíre about find out.

Reason #1: Professionalism Ė Inside the business profession, it is important to have a nice watch. It shows symmetry with the proper dress code. For example, if you are wearing a suite and tie, a fashionable watch that matches the outfit, says a lot about your character. It also demonstrates the type of taste you have when it comes to jewelry. Keeping a shining image goes a long way inside the business world. Sometimes your appearance speaks louder before you can verbally say a word at any given volume.

Reason #2: Time Management Ė Whether youíre in the business world or living the personal lifestyle, having a watch is the very tool that can help you with time management. It can be used to get you on track by getting places on time. If youíre not a punctual person, then maybe having a watch is just what you need in order to avoid being late to your next appointment. When you manage your time effectively, it looks good in front of other people. It also shows you are reliable and consciences of others. Once you respect your time, you will find it easier to respect other peopleís time. I recall someone once telling me, "If you respect another individuals time, you respect their money." It is true. And when you manage your time, you are able to manage your life in a dedicated routine to accomplishing more and being productive.

Reason #3: Personality Fit Ė Depending on the watch you wear, can sometimes reveal the type of personality you have. This doesnít go for everyone, only to some people that fit the part. If you have a high-class attitude, most likely youíll be wearing a high-class watch. If youíre down to earth and mellow with a humble mind-set, then a casual watch would fit your personality best. Itís all about the person you are and the style and quality you prefer to have worn around your wrist. Some people rather to wear their watch on their left wrist, as opposed to others who find it more comfortable to wear it on their right wrist. Itís all up to you.

There are tons of online stores that offer multiple selections of watches that fit the person you are. Finding the right avenue to claim your watch is usually more difficult than picking out the watch you want. You need reliability on both ends of the spectrum.

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